Leadership Talent Track: What’s IN it for you?

The Leadership Talent Track is your 18 month entry path that prepares you to assume a leadership role within the Daimler Trucks and Buses organization.

It consists of three phases: the Onboarding Phase, the actual Program Phase and the Implementation Phase. During the whole experience you’ll get to know our organization, deep dive into agile international assignments and create a tight intercultural social network – all under the guidance of your personal mentor from top management level.

The Onboarding Phase (6 months)

Preparation is key. So in order to give you a headstart you’ll spend the first 6 months…

  • connecting with your home area at Daimler Trucks & Buses,
  • getting to know your personal mentor,
  • defining your future project tasks,
  • using our training and development offers, e.g. to our new leadership culture Leadership2020.

The Program Phase (12 months)

By the start of the program you’ll be ready to foster your leadership skills by…

  • working on an international assignment,
  • exploring your core area from a customer’s perspective,
  • organizing in swarms to take on future strategic topics,
  • gaining insights into actual day-to-day work at our production facilities,
  • taking part in start-up or turn-around experiences, e.g. a change management project,
  • attending the Joint Global Experience networking and leadership events.

The Implementation Phase

After you’ve finished the program, you and your mentor will prepare your next step together. Depending on your experiences, interests and skills, you’ll begin working towards a leading position in your core business area. And shape the future of Daimler Trucks and Buses.

More information

Daimler Trucks & Buses offers jobs in every imaginable field of automotive economy, such as Production, Procurement, HR, IT, Finance as well as Research & Development. That’s why we are always looking for the next generation of inspiring leaders to tackle future challenges on a global scale.
In that regard, there are some traits that we would like to see in you:

  • Do you have a global and intercultural mindset that enables you to inspire a team and master interdisciplinary challenges?
  • Do you want to work with people to achieve ambitious goals?
  • To you, leadership isn’t about top-down or bottom-up but rather about being in the midst of things?

Then you are ready to explore!

Of course there are some mandatory and nice-to-have aspects too:


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Fluent in written & spoken English
  • Willingness to travel abroad


  • Some first leadership experience (e.g. in university context)
  • Some experience in a start-up environment

The next application period starts beginning 2020.

The application follows four main steps:

Step 1:
Online Application

Step 2:
Online Assessment – After the application period has ended, you will be invited to an online assessment.

Step 3:
Telephone Interview – After successful completion of the online assessment, you will be invited for a telephone interview.

Step 4:
Recruitment Day – The final step is an in-person Recruitment Day where we get to know each other. After a successful Recruitment Day, we will match you to your future home area and agree jointly on your individual entry date.

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